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English Language Learners

Como Park Elementary School ELL Programs

Our mission is to promote academic achievement and English language proficiency of English Language Learners at Como Park Elementary School.

Como Park ELL Teachers
Como Park Elementary School is fortunate to have four experienced ELL teachers who work with students in grades K through 5 and Special Education.

Como Park Elementary's English Language Learners Program

Ciao! Buenos Dias! Asalamu Alaikum! Zoo Xiab Txais Tos! Namaste! Gaw Ler A Gay! Welcome to ELL at Como Park Elementary!

Students who qualify for ELL services at Como Park Elementary speak a variety of languages and come from many different countries. We are proud of our diverse community of learners who enrich the educational experience for all students!

What is the goal of the program? The goal of the ELL department of Saint Paul Public Schools and Como Park Elementary is to promote a strong foundation for academic achievement and English language proficiency to English Language Learners in a collaborative setting. We believe that English language learners learn best when held to the same rigorous standards and in the same setting as their native English peers.

How do we work toward this goal? Students who qualify for ELL service receive instruction from both an elementary certified classroom teacher and an ESL certified ELL teacher. In this way both ELL and non-ELL students benefit from the expertise of both teachers and English language development is integrated with the grade level curriculum. Our ELL teachers have become grade level specialists, working with only one grade level. In this way, the teachers become experts at their grade level curriculum and can best serve the language and academic needs of our language learners. Students benefit from both classroom and ESL teacher's expertise and learn English in an authentic setting. Click here to learn more about St. Paul's ELL programs.

Who qualifies for ELL services? Students qualify for ELL services if they speak a language other than English and receive a qualifying score on a standardized test in reading or language arts. Students may also qualify based on teacher or parent recommendation.

What is the difference between ELL and Language Academy Services? At Como Park Elementary we believe in a continuum of service, which means that students who need more help with their English receive that help whereas students who are more advanced receive less ELL services. Language Academy students are students who have lived in the USA for less than two years and have scored between Levels 1 and 1.9 on the language proficiency test. This year at Como Park Elementary, both Language Academy and ELL students receive ELL service from their grade level specialists.