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Fifth Grade

Como Fifth Grade

APTT (Academic Parent Teacher Teams) Meeting Dates:

Tuesday, September 28, 2021  at 5:30 pm

Tuesday, January 18, 2022 at 5:30 pm

Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 5:30 pm

Our Teachers:

Mr. Prescott     Ms. Halvorson

Homework Routine

Students will be expected to use the schoology checklist daily to monitor their homework. 

Students are expected to read 30 pages or 30 minutes or more daily, at their own reading level. The amount of time and pages is determined by the teacher and verified with the student. 

Daily written work includes math practice from Everyday Math and supplimental materials. Students will have weekly assignments or other individualized math practice.

Field Trips

We will be providing virtual field trips throughout the year for our fifth grade students from sources such as the National Parks Service, the Smithsonian and other available opportunities. Currently we are planning on a visit to Belwin in May.  We may consider other opportunities throughout the year.

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Students participate in leveled guided reading small groups.

Students work towards proficiency on Common Core Reading Standards.

Students read daily.

Students receive additional reading support or challenge as needed.


Students work towards proficiency on Minnesota State Math Standards.

Students participate in a multifacited, balanced math program.

Students receive additional help and challenge, as needed.


Students participate in daily Writers' Workshop.

Student work toward proficiency on Common Core Language Standards.

Students use various formats including technology to convey their writing.