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780 Wheelock Parkway West
St. Paul


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First Grade

Como First Grade
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Our Teachers:

Ms. Thomas

Ms Anglum

Welcome to First Grade!

Our curriculum:

Reading: We employ a balanced literacy approach that includes listening to stories read, sharing reading as a class, learning to read in small groups, and reading independently. First graders are learning to become independent readers!

Writing: We follow the Writer's Workshop model. Our focus is to build on what students come with from kindergarten by encouraging independent and shared writing.  Each student is encouraged to grow at his or her own pace. 

Math: We follow the Everyday Math curriculum. Students are introduced to many basic math concepts throughout the year and continue to return to them throughout the year and in subsequent years to build upon their knowledge. The advantage to this is that if students do not understand a math concept when it is first taught, there will be other opportunities for exposure and practice throughout the curriculum.

Specialists: Students attend a 5-day specialist rotation. This includes science, art, and physical education.

To enhance our curriculum, we use iPads to individualize learning. Some of the apps and sites we use are Raz-kids, Starfall, PebbleGo, Tumble Books, and Seesaw.