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Como Kindergarten

Transition to Kindergarten Video


Welcome to Kindergarten at Como Park Elementary!  We offer all day Kindergarten classes and focus on teaching the whole child.  Here at Como Park, staff work to meet every child's social, emotional, and academic needs. Classrooms are supported by both a licensed teacher and expert teaching assistants. Our rigorous curriculum centers on reader's, writer's and math workshops. We offer play-based exploration to support academic learning and provide multiple modes for students to express their understandings. Differentiated opportunities in small groups allow us to meet all student learning needs. Specialist teachers work in partnership with us to round our curriculum in Art, Music, STEM, Technology and Physical Education.  We look forward to working with you and your child to make this a successful school year!


Grade Level Expectations:

Standards In Literacy

Standards in Math 


Here is an example of one of the Kindergarten schedules.  All teachers are teaching the same subjects at different times so we can utilize our support staff to the fullest!  You can find your specific schedule when you click on your teacher.  Students have recess, lunch and Specialist during the same time of the day.


Kindergarten Schedule:


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday


7:30   Breakfast and Morning Meeting

8:00   Social Studies and Health

8:30   UFLI-Phonics

9:00   Small Group Instruction

9:45   Interactive Read Aloud

10:00  Recess

10:20  Lunch

10:50  Into Math

11:20  Specialist

12:10  Math Lesson

12:45  Math Talk

1:05   Reading Mini-Lesson

1:20   Writing

1:55   Dismissal


Thursday and Friday


7:30   Breakfast and Morning Meeting

8:00   Into Math

8:30   UFLI-Phonics

9:00   Small Group Instruction

9:45   Interactive Read Aloud

10:00   Recess

10:20  Lunch

10:50  Math Lesson

11:20  Specialist

12:10  Math Talk

12:20  Reading Mini-Lesson

12:30  Writing

1:05   Specialist

1:55   Dismissal