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Second Grade

Como Second Grade

Welcome to the Como Park Second Grade Page!

Here is what a typical day in second grade consists of:

The day starts with breakfast in the room followed by announcements and morning meeting to jumpstart the day. 

Our academics are as follows:

  • Phonics instruction from UFLI
  • Reader’s Workshop consists of mini lessons based on state standards and small guided reading groups based on the student’s reading level.  The students practice independent reading for stamina, through book boxes, library, RAZ Kids and other reading apps that are applicable to develop their reading skills.
  • Writer’s Workshop consists of mini lessons based on state standards and taught through writing units such as research, persuasion, poetry and narratives, etc…
  • HMH Into Math establishes a varied and fun format for hands-on math discovery. We use pre and post-test assessments to monitor the students for mastery.
  • Social Studies consists of lessons taught based on state standards incorporating the resources, Studies Weekly and other resources provided by the school district.
  • Other learning opportunities include field trips to support our academics in the classroom.

 Feel free to stop by and say "Hi!"

School Supplies:

Grade: Second (2nd)

  • 1- Regular Sized Backpack
  • 1- Pair of Tennis Shoes for Gym Class
  • 1- Box of 24 Crayola™ Crayons
  • 1- Pack of 12 Count Crayola™ Colored Pencils 
  • 1- Box of Crayola™ Classic Markers (Broad Line)
  • 1- Box of 12 Count Pencils (No Mechanical Pencils)
  • 5- PLASTIC Two-Pocket Folders (Different Colors if possible)
  • 3- WIDE RULED Notebooks (Different Colors if possible)
  • 2-3 Boxes of Kleenex™ 
  • 1- Box of GALLON SIZE Ziploc Bags
  • 1- Box of SANDWICH SIZE Ziploc Bags
  • 2- Pack of BLACK EXPO™ Dry Erase Markers
  • 1- Kid Size Scissor
  • 1- Hi-Polymer Eraser
  • 1 headphone- NO EARBUDS