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Special Education Referral Process

1. Interventions are provided by classroom teacher with the support of our Student Assistance Team.

2. If the student is not making adequate progress, a referral may be made to the Child Study Team.  The Child Study Team is made up of team of professionals, including a special education teacher, social worker, school psychologist, special education administrator, as well as specialists in the specific areas of concern.  Parents are welcome to join the Child Study Team to discuss their child.

3. If the Child Study Team determines that an evaluation would be beneficial, an evaluation plan is created.  Permission from a parent is needed to proceed. 

4. The Evaluation Team will meet 30 school days after permission was received to discuss evaluation results.  At this time, the Team will discuss if the child meets eligibility criteria to receive special education services.

5. If the child is eligible for services, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) will be created.  The IEP Team needs to meet at least once a year to review this plan.