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Third Grade

Como Third Grade

Welcome to 3rd grade at Como Park Elementary School. We have three busy classrooms full of students.

In third grade, we prepare our students for the major transition from being “a little kid” to being “a big kid”.  We work hard to develop self-confidence and social skills through classroom community building activities. We strive to develop the independence and organizational skills necessary for success in the intermediate grades. Our instruction is differentiated so all students will experience challenge and success. Through collaboration, we provide rigor and support for all students. 

Our curricular focus is on building literacy and math skills.  Each day students will participate in a whole group reading lesson, small group guided reading, and have time for independent reading. We use a variety of materials in literacy instruction including picture books, chapter books, fiction and non-fiction, poetry, and songs. Students will build their stamina throughout the year, with a goal of reading for 60 minutes.  Students work daily on phonics, spelling, and vocabulary.  They learn about the writing process in our Writer's Workshop.  Students will write personal narratives, reports, book reviews, poetry and more.

Our math curriculum, Everyday Math, stresses problem solving in concepts including place value to the millions, adding and subtracting  up to 4-digit numbers, multiplication and division, geometry, fractions and decimals. It provides many opportunities to use manipulatives and practice skills through partner work and games. Skill development is also supported through use of technology. 

Our learning extends beyond the classroom with field trips to Belwin Nature Center, The Minnesota Zoo, Como Planetarium, and the Alexander Ramsey House. 

Communication with families of our students is a top priority. Our doors are always open and parents are welcome to join us during the day. Teachers send home Weekly Performance Reports and a monthly newsletter. We are always happy to talk with you by phone, email, or in person.

School Supplies: 

Grade: Third (3rd)

  • 1- Regular Sized Backpack
  • 1- Pair of Tennis Shoes for Gym Class
  • 1- Box of 24 Crayola™ Crayons
  • 1- Box of 12 Count Crayola™ Colored Pencils 
  • 1- Box of Crayola™ Classic Markers (Broad Line)
  • 1- Highlighter
  • 2- Boxes of Kleenex™ 
  • 1 Box of GALLON SIZE Ziploc Bags
  • 1- Pack of BLACK EXPO™ Dry Erase Markers
  • 1- Pair Headphones for iPad use
  • Also plan to have warm snow pants, mittens/gloves, boots, and a coat for outdoor winter recess.