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Como Family Page


Families Are Welcome at Como Park Elementary

At Como Park Elementary, we believe in partnership between home and school. We encourage families to visit our classrooms. When visiting, please check in at the main office for directions and a visitor’s badge. Please remember when visiting that a teacher may not have time to talk with you immediately as they spend much of the day actively teaching your children. We value feedback from families. Thank you for taking an active role in education.  


Family iPad Resources

Gifted and Talented Information & Resources




Use the link above to view a summary of our School Improvement Plan.

Family Engagement Plan

You can view our Family Engagement Plan here

Como Elementary is a Title I School

What does that mean for you? Click here to find out.


Title I Compact 


You can view our Title I Compact here

High Standards 

Information about Minnesota's Academic Standards can be found here.


Below you will find a detailed list of skills your child will learn at each grade level:


English      Spanish       Hmong        Karen       Somali

1st Grade

English      Spanish       Hmong        Karen       Somali

2nd Grade

English      Spanish       Hmong        Karen       Somali

3rd Grade

English      Spanish       Hmong        Karen       Somali

4th Grade

English      Spanish       Hmong        Karen       Somali

5th Grade

English      Spanish       Hmong        Karen       Somali

Staff at Como Park Elementary use a variety of tools to determine what students know, what they are ready to learn, and if they have learned. Some of the assessments we use are listed below:
FAST Screener for reading and math-all grades
ACCESS for ELLs for listening, reading, speaking, and writing-ELL students in all grades
Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) for reading, math, and science-grades 3-5
Unit Assessments for math-all grades
Teachers also use other formal and informal checks for understanding daily to determine next steps for their instruction.

School Transitions
All 6th grade students attend middle school. This mean students currently in 5th grade at Como Elementary will need to choose a new school for next school year. Students have opportunites to visit area middle school and learn about the programs they offer. Families are encouraged to schedule visits as well. Your child's current teacher is also available to answer any questions you may have.

We are committed to helping our yougest students transition to the next level with ease. ECSE to PreK, PreK to Kindergarten (Blast Off to Kindergarten), Kindergartern to 1st grade are all critical transitions for families and our teams work closely with you to help you make the best choice for your child. Feel free to talk to your child's current teacher or Principal Evangelist with any questions or concerns about these transitions.

You can find more information at the following link:  Choosing a School