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Birchland, Angela M

Email: angela.birchland@spps.org

Ms. Angela Birchland

Ms. Angela’s Kindergarten Schedule:

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

7:30   B2G and Morning Meeting

8:00   Social Studies and Health

8:30   UFLI-Phonics

9:00   Small Group Instruction

9:45   Interactive Read Aloud

10:00  Recess

10:20  Lunch

10:50  Into Math

11:20 Specialist

12:10  Math Lesson

12:45  Math Talk

1:05   Reading Mini-Lesson

1:20   Writing

1:55   Dismissal

Thursday and Friday

 7:30   B2G and Morning Meeting

8:00   Into Math

8:30   UFLI-Phonics

9:00   Small Group Instruction

9:45   Interactive Read Aloud

10:00  Recess

10:20  Lunch

10:50  Math Lesson

11:20 Specialist

12:10  Math Talk

12:20  Reading Mini-Lesson

12:30 Writing

1:05   Specialist

1:55   Dismissal

Welcome to Kindergarten at Como Park Elementary!

Angela Birchland has been teaching in the St. Paul School District since 1998, including grades Kindergarten through third...and Kindergarten is her favorite!!!  The majority of her teaching years and experience has been working with Kindergarteners.  Prior to working for St. Paul Schools, Angela was a preschool teacher at the University Children's Learning Center located on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Superior, where she graduated with a degree in Elementary Education and an Early Childhood Minor.

Angela is a mother of two grown boys named Jake and Clay.  Growing up, she loved to figure skate competitively and was a skater for Disney On Ice.  At some points in her life, she was an avid runner, running a few marathons and multiple half marathons.  Angela truly loves the outdoors because it creates small enjoyable moments in life along with reading both fiction and non-fiction books.

Angela is a proponent of the connections between the mind, body and heart in life and teaching.  With this philosophy, she incorporates all into her teaching with students encouraging intrinsic motivation, kindness and caring for self and others along with challenging minds without fear of taking risks.

In her opinion, Kindergarten is the most rewarding to teach because of the growth she sees in children every day watching them learn, apply their knowledge and make connections. 

St. Paul Public School's curriculum engages students in their environment, includes diversity, acknowledges culture, and encompasses learning into the classroom and application in the real world.