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Lee, Stephanie

Ms. Stephanie Lee

Ms. Lee has been the school counselor at Como Elementary since 2015. Before that, she was a college/career counselor and positive behavioral intervention coach in Saint Paul at multiple middle schools and high schools. Ms. Lee has a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and a Master's Degree in K-12 Educational Counseling. She started her career in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she is originally from. 

She loves helping Como kids find productive ways to solve problems and discover their unique gifts and talents. She wants students to know that she is there for them whenever they need help or someone to talk to. She spends her day meeting with students for a variety of reasons, individually and in groups. She goes into all regular education classrooms from kindergarten through 5th grade to teach lessons on personal safety, social-emotional skills, emotional regulation, anti-bullying, career exploration, and so much more. When your student is here at Como, they are not alone.

When Ms. Lee is not working, she enjoys traveling, sports, reading, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family.

Please reach out if you have any concerns or questions regarding your child and their school experience. If something is happening at home that you would like the school counselor to know, don't hesitate to call or email.

Part of being a school counselor is to support your child and your family in any possible way. If your family is in need of any type of support, the school counselor can connect you with any possible resources both at school and in the community. Ms. Lee is glad you are part of the Como Park Elementary Family and looks forward to getting to know you better.


Stephanie Lee

phone: 651-744-3600

email: stephanie.lee@spps.org